Chan, Konga back each other in bid for autonomy


THE New Ireland and East New Britain provincial governments have declared support for each other in their bid for autonomy.
Governors Sir Julius Chan, of New Ireland, and Nakikus Konga, of East New Britain, made the declaration after a two-day meeting last week.
The meeting concluded with a written and signed communique between the two provinces.
Both governors expressed their readiness to take the autonomy submissions for their provinces to Cabinet.
“Autonomy is really giving power to the people,” Sir Julius said.
“The power to exercise their rights, and the power to have a greater say and active participation in sharing and benefiting from wealth extracted from their land, forests and oceans.
“I feel my people here are more than ready, and we are capable of looking after ourselves.
“We don’t need the national government.
“We can run the affairs of our own province for the good of our people.”
Konga said East New Britain was in full support of autonomy.
He said it stood ready to run its own government without interference from the national government.
“Autonomy means exercising our God-given human rights and fully gaining and benefitting from what is truly ours,” Konga said.
“Autonomy is self-reliance, making certain that our people can make their own decisions for their own destiny.”

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