Change starts with our relationship with God


I REFER to an article, “Education key to unlock change: MP” (The National, Nov 23).
Although Education is regarded as a key to change in the modern society, it can only fulfill part of our mental, physical and spiritual needs by maximising and unleashing our potentials, talents and gifts.
But the real key to unlock one hundred per cent human nature and potential into great physical, spiritual and mental results lies only with God.
And I quote a bible verse in John 15:4. “Remain united to me and I will remain united to you.
“A branch cannot bear fruit by itself; it can do so only if it remains with the vine.
“In the same way you cannot bear fruits unless you remain in me.”
This means if we are to experience one hundred per cent physical, spiritual and mental change in our daily lives we must re-connect to our one and only source of life, Jesus.
Just as a vine branch will bear fruits if it remains with the tree so are we too if we remain connected to Jesus who is in God.
Sadly, we live in a contradicting life today which is totally against what God has initially created us for with his original intent to rule over the earth and every creature on it, in sea and in air.
Because we have lost connection with God, we allow our human desires to rule us through alcohol extracted from fruits of the trees, we allow money made out of tree to be our most basic need to survive, we feel happy only when we smoke and chew betel nut taken from trees.
We then worship mobile phones made from resources of the earth to be our gods, cars and positions to give our identity in the society, thus completely forgetting where we originated from and why we were placed on earth by God.
This is where we went wrong by submitting our God given authority to the earthly things to rule over our lives, hence, fully cut off from receiving God’s blessings.
And the result is we try to find change in all our human philosophies and manmade theories like education.
Going back to when God created Adam and Eve, He created them in His own image and gave them authority to rule the earth and not submit to the earth.
If we are to see real changes in our lives then we have to connect to our source of life, then rule and dominate the earth to experience great change and find our real identity while experiencing true joy, peace and happiness.
If someone buys a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser from Ela Motors and after some time it started experiencing engine problems, the owner cannot take it to Boroko Motors.
He takes it back to Ela Motors which is the authorised car dealer for Toyota Land Cruiser brands.
Same principle applies to us, if we want real change we cannot trust man made theories in our education systems, health system and justice system to bring changes.
Similar to results the owner of the land cruiser would expect if he had taken his land cruiser to Boroko Motors which is not an authorised Toyota dealer so are we too.
Real change therefore starts with God and only through Jesus.
Everything else is secondary to that.

Wanbel Niape

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