Check your receipts and change


IN this time of economy crisis where the cost of goods seem to be increasing, beware of the check-out ladies in major shops who also try to cheat us customers either by withholding some change, or checking out additional items so they cash out from the till at the end of their shift.
Most ladies are honest, it is a few who do it.  I have fallen victim twice already.
It is only after I’ve arrived home that I realise I’ve been cheated, after putting the groceries away and checking my receipt.
However by then it is too late, since I don’t have proof.  So make sure to check your receipt and change to see if they correspond before you leave the shop especially during peak hours when the shop is crowded with shoppers.
To do the checkout ladies who do this, please stop.  Your sins will eventually catch up on you.

Unfortunate victim
Port Moresby

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