Church cleans city


Mt HAGEN received a major facelift from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG on Saturday.
Church members from the 13 Lutheran circuits in Western Highlands on Saturday cleaned the city.
The circuits include Kotna, Baiyer, Mul, Ogelbeng, Alkena, Alta, Koge, Engai, Kopen, Hagen City and Calvary.
Youth leader Richard Joe said the church had taken the initiative to clean the city with others in preparation for the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Reformation from the Catholic Church later this month.
He said others businesshouses, Department of Works and Implementation and private citizens allowed their vehicles to be used free-of-charge to carry people and rubbish.
Joe said that the church planned another clean-up session before the actual Reformation celebration on Nov 12 in Mt Hagen.
He urged people not to litter and to dispose of rubbish in the bins provided.
Joe said the people of Mt Hagen and Western Highlands should be proud of their capital and look after it.

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