Churches condemn killing of police pair


THE PNG Council of Churches has condemned the shooting of two police officers in Enga on election duties, saying it was a sad event in the history of PNG.
Head of the Catholic Church in PNG Cardinal Sir John Ribat said being unhappy with the election results did not give anyone the right to take away a life.
“Our true right and responsibility is to protect and promote life. The election is our constitutional right and we should promote the environment that encourages respect, unity and peace,” he said.
“We should not be driven by our feelings because feelings come and go and can always mislead us.”
The two officers died during a clash with supporters over the conduct of elections in Enga.
Sir John thanked those who  kept the peace during the elections.
“I would like also to thank people of our nation who have done so well in promoting respect, unity and peace in these very challenging times,” he said.
“I must thank also prominent members and leaders of Parliament who were not elected but had led with integrity and justice to promote unity and peace.
“Our condolence goes to the families who lost their fathers in this very unfortunate shooting that led to their death. May they rest in God’s peace. And for the mothers and children, may the Lord be your source of strength, peace and healing.”
Sir John had urged before the national election that awareness be conducted by the Electoral Commission, churches, non-government organisations and the media to promote a free and fair election.
“This message was repeated again and again so that our people will be made aware of the importance of participating in the national election and to vote freely without fear, without bribe, without force and without manipulation.”

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