Coastal Shipping survives 50 years of rough sailing


THE business and Chinese communities in East New Britain joined the Chow family to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their shipping company, Coastal Shipping, last Sunday.
Among them was New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan.
Coastal Shipping Company managing director Fabian Chow said the shipping company was a 50-year-old veteran of the New Guinea Island seas.
“The company bears the proud scars of being the veteran and survivor of many years of tears and struggle to survive through the Bougainville crisis and the Rabaul volcano disaster,” he said.
After the volcano disaster, Chow said the shipping business had to sell off its barges and was downsized.
He said the company flagship mv Cosmaris played an imported role during Bougainville crisis to carry food and medical supplies to Bougainville.
He said due to a misunderstanding about its  mission when the vessel arrived in Kieta, it was burnt by militants.
Chow said Coastal Shipping had learnt to adapt and change with the times to survive.
“From nothing, the Coastal Shipping Company has contributed to make Rabaul the second biggest tuna shipment port in the Pacific,” he said.
“It has delivered spin-off of taxes and fees to the government through the National Fisheries Authority, PNG Ports and National Maritime Safety Authority.
“As we look to the future, we are still recovering but expecting to continue growing and recovering by providing shipping services to our home areas in the New Guinea Islands.”

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