Commission must step in, address issue


THERE have been shortfalls of enrolment forms experienced in Dobu LLG in the Esa’ala district, Milne Bay, during the common roll update exercise.
The Electoral Commission office in Alotau has not taken steps to rectify this situation and therefore thousands of people will not exercise their right to vote during the 2017 general elections.
In Waluma West Ward alone, 195 eligible voters were not enrolled because there were no enrollment forms.
This is the same story across the other 34 Wards in Dobu LLG.
It seems that this was deliberate on the part of the Electoral Commission officers who are supporting the sitting MP and not enrolling voters from rival cadidates’ strongholds.
This is a systematic approach in decreasing the voting population in Dobu LLG.
This is unbecoming of the very officers who are supposed to carry out a “free and fair” election.
Do not deny the rights of people to elect their representatives.
I call on the Electoral Commissioner to look in to this issue and have it rectified soon.

Yamhouse Advocate
Milne Bay

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