Commissioner Ain right about mobile networks


I SUPPORT the statement made by the commissioner and chief executive of the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC), Paulus Ain, yesterday in The National.
This is a major issue that the government agencies should take into consideration because this in not under the license agreement which there are bridging the constitution of the country.
Telecommunication companies should abide by the license agreement and not to go beyond their jurisdictions.
Gambling using mobile network should be stopped in Papua New Guinea because this is a daylight robbery.
Think about the SMS blast to all the prepare subscribers or mobile usersĀ  who are taking part in the gambling or SMS games.
If per text cost of K0.49 to take part in the game, think about how many subscribe within a minute or an hour.
Therefore, I appeal to the National Information and Communication Technology Authority (Nicta) to deal with this matter as soon as possible.

Christopher Jason, Via email

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