Concert planned to raise funds for learning centre


A CONCERT will be held in Port Moresby this month to raise funds for various projects including the construction of a classroom for the Chiara Learning Centre at Six-Mile.
Organiser Jacquie Simons said the non-government organisation needed funds for its various projects, thus was organising the PNG All-Star event.
The Chiara Learning Centre is funded by the PNG Children’s Foundation. It has one classroom catering for 180 elementary students. It plans a second one.
“We are doing this concert to help the charity support its projects such as the one at 6-Mile,” Simons said.
“We would also like to do this show biannually to raise money for the foundation.
“The artists will be part of the PNG All-Star band (supporters of the PNG Children’s Foundation).”
Eight artists will be preforming at the concert.
Some of the artists visited the learning centre last week to see for themselves what they were being involved in.
Local singer Moses Tau, spoke to the children on behalf of the artists.
He encouraged the children to listen to their teachers and parents and become responsible adults in future.  Artists who will be preforming include Mereani Masani, SpriggaMek, O-Four, Dadiigii, Planet Native and DJ Dirty Fingerz, Tau, Henry and Sentanya Gewang.

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