Court reserves decision on appeal


A THREE-man Supreme Court bench has reserved its decision on an appeal filed by the National Capital District Commission in relation to the payment of K17.8 million to Yama Security Services.
The panel consisted of Justice Stephan Kassman, Justice Robert Lee Lindsay and Justice John Alexander Logan.
The NCDC challenged a National Court decision of March 2, 2016, which ordered the commission to pay K17.8 million in damages for breach of contract to Yama Security Service Ltd.
Yama Security Services Ltd is owned by businessman Peter Yama.
Lawyer Peter Kuman representing NCDC, presented 10 grounds in the appeal which argued that there was an error made when the decision was handed down by the judge.
Kuman told the court that the evidence provided by the complainant was confusing and contradictory.
Lawyer Ben Lomai representing Yama told the court that the contract was signed by both parties so it was genuine.
Lomai said both parties knew the terms and conditions of the contact before signing it.
The court will hand down its decision whether to dismiss the case or refer it back to the National Court to be reassessed.

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