Criminal activities high at bus stops


THE Southern Highlands and Hela bus stops in Mt Hagen city, Western Highlands, is becoming hotspots for criminal activities, according to a newspaper agent who has witnessed a number of crimes committed there.
Ailo Arapa, of The National in Mendi town who picks up newspapers in Mt Hagen every morning, says a group of youths armed with screw drivers, pocket knives and bush knives roam the area and terrorises the public.
He is calling on Mt Hagen police to carry out foot patrols at the bus stops. Also theey need to stop people selling cigarettes and betel nuts.
“Many times, I see youths surrounding waiting travelers and getting their money and other valuable items and walking away,” he said.
Arapa said that other times, he saw youths snatching bags and running towards Pope Oval and escaping.

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