Crook cops to face law


POLICE officers involved in illegal operations will be dealt with, says Port Moresby Metropolitan Superintendent Benjamin Turi.
These include the illegal possession of firearms, betelnut smuggling, stealing, womanising and drunkenness.
He said they had been informed that some officers were being involved in illegal activities.
“We have charged a number of them involved in illegal activities,” Turi said.
“Those assisting in smuggling betel-nut and stealing, we have a number still doing this. Despite all the warnings and everything, they are still doing it. Some policeman are carrying illegal firearms.”
He urged police station commanders in Port Moresby to make sure their officers performed their duties as expected of them.
“It is the responsibility of the police station commanders to make sure their officers are carrying out their duties rightly and are not doing the wrong thing,” Turi said.
He said if they failed to do their duties, the police station commanders would have to cop the blame.
Turi said however noted that while some officers had been disobeying rules, others were carrying out their duties well.
“With limited resources we still manage to maintain command and control of the city,” he said.

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