CS minister says sorry


CORRECTIONAL Services Minister Jim Simatab has apologised to Commissioner Michael Waipo for the impasse in January which led to his sidelining from the position.
“I am sorry for what had transpired between my office and the CS commissioner,” Simatab said.
He apologised in front of jail commanders and assistant commissioners during the launching of the CS 2017 annual activity implementation plan at the March Girls Resort last Friday.
“The sidelining of the commissioner may have been construed by some sections of this organisation and the public that as the minister, I had a personal vendetta against Waipo, as an individual,” Simatab said.
He said it was false as decisions made by the Government on senior executives were made collectively.
“Although I am the CS Minister, the recent change in new Public Service Management Act 2014 means that I am just one member of an inner cabinet, and the Prime Minister is always at the helm of NEC,” Simatab said.
“I do regret the impasse that existed between the Office of the Commissioner and the ministry, and hereby confirm that Waipo is currently the appointed head of the PNGCS.”
Meanwhile, Simatab urged the CS executive team to give their support and loyalty to the Commissioner.

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