Deal to boost Central’s human resource skills

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EIGHTY officers from the Central administration will undergo training to boost their leadership and management capabilities, including project management competency.
The training will be done by Papua New Guinea Institute Public Administration (PNGIPA) under an agreement signed last week between the Central government and the institute.
The provincial government paid about K75,000 in tuition fees for the public servants.
Principal staff development and training officer, John Taugau, on behalf of the provincial administration, said it was a significant step taken by the provincial government to lift the knowledge level of the public servants throughout the province.
He said officers from all five districts were picked to learn more about changes in the contemporary world and applicable knowledge needed to bring the province and districts forward.
“We thank PNGIPA for their contribution in providing the avenue for our public servants to learn and develop the human resource through training and workshops,” Taugau said.
“With our aim of improving the province and the respective district administrations, a staff training and development arrangement was established between the two government organisations.”
PNGIPA director  Angori Wewerang said the institution staff would provide the required training using the district development authority leadership and management modules for the staff working in the five districts.
“It is this suite of programmes the Central provincial government has engaged with PNGIPA for the institute to deliver to the public servants working in the districts and local governments and we are happy to train them to be good leaders and managers in the province and the districts.”
Wewerang said this would be a worthwhile training for the public servants who work in districts and local government as they would be enhanced with updated policy issues and empowered with knowledge to improve their working skills.
The training partnership will see the officers trained in leadership and management capabilities, financial management, procurement,
public policy and project management.
The two organisations hope the other provinces and districts would also make such training available for their staff.

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