Death of two police officers seen as instrument of peace


Hela leader and a former Southern Highlands premier Albert Mokai says the deaths of two slain policemen must be an instrument of peace.
He said the deaths had brought peace to Southern Highlands.
The two Hela policemen were shot dead in neighbouring Southern Highlands at the end of last month.
People of Hela living in Port Moresby stood united on Friday to receive the bodies of the two slain policemen at Jackson Airport.
“As we mourn, Mendi is now at peace with police and defence personnel having been deployed into the province to contain the violence and the chaos,” Mokai said.
“We do not want payback; all we want is justice for our sons.
“We want the leaders of Southern Highlands to tell us why our sons were killed and who killed them.”
Mokai said the wife of one of the two policemen killed was still sitting outside her house waiting for him to return home.
“She refuses to accept that he is dead and tells the people that her husband is alive and is coming home,” he said.
“Today, we have brought them to Port Moresby, and we want the authorities to investigate the matter and tell us who killed our sons and why.”

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