Other depts need to step in to help Civil Registry


THIS call is overdue and should be made for such a very important office that is the only legal custodian of civil information and records in PNG.
A mere bureaucratic and technocratic mayhem is killing the registry.
Concerned stakeholders such as the departments of National Planning and Community Development and the Public Service Commission should come together and save this office from being manipulated any further.
Guided by the Civil Registration Act (amended 2014) chapter 304, this office is a vital vessel for development and must be safeguarded and nurtured at all costs.
Give the recognition and status it deserves especially at these tough time when PNGNID project has become the epicenter of functions for the registry.
Registration of births, deaths, marriages, divorces and adoptions are the core functions and must be maintained. But that is not the case as NID has taken up most time, finance and resources thus far.
Grant financial, administration and management independence to the registry to chart its own course.

Port Moresby

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