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FRUIT and vegetable farmers in the Raicoast district near the Ramu NiCo Management’s (MCC) Basamuk refinery are selling their produce to the catering company that provides meals to the mine employees.
They are selling their fruits and vegetables to the NSC-Raibus Limited, the catering company providing meals for the employees at Basamuk Refinery.
The farmers are contracted to market their produce to the catering company.
The villagers live in the fertile plains of the river which meander down from the Finistere Range to the plains where the produce are cultivated.
Ramu NiCo (MCC) Community Affairs Department deputy superintendent Nicholas Genaia said the farmers had selling points arranged where they wait for the pick-up truck from NSC-Raibus.
Genaia said the marketing arrangement had greatly helped farmers who could not travel to town to sell.
He said the mine workers loved having fruits and the fresh supply from Raicoast had made it convenient for them and provided income for the farmers.
“Since Ramu NiCo established its refinery at Basamuk, it continues to get fresh fruit from local farmers and putting money in the pockets of the rural people who otherwise would have wasted or let their surplus produce rot,” Genaia said.

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