Doctor thanks candidate, gives six pigs


THE director of curative health in the Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority Dr John Kiap has presented six pigs to a candidate for Tambul-Nebilyer, Gabriel Andandi, as a token of appreciation for paying his tuition fees in 1997.
Kiap from Engwal tribe in the Lower Kagul local level government said he would not have graduated with a degree in medicine in 1998 if Andandi had not assisted him. “On behalf of my family and the Engwal tribe, I want to thank Andandi for paying my last semester fees in 1997 when I was doing my final year at the University of Papua New Guinea medical faculty,” Kiap said.
“I was in need of K700 and since I had no friends and families to assist me, I went and saw Andandi who assisted in paying for my tuition fee.
“He had no hesitation but assisted me.
“If it was not for him, I would not have finished my course and become a doctor.”
Kiap presented the six pigs to Andandi for his election campaign and urged his Engwal tribe to support Andandi saying he has a good policy to see Tambul-Nebilyer electorate have an educated population.
Andandi thanked Kiap for recognising his support and said he would continue to help the tertiary students of Tambul-Nebilyer by paying for their fees.
“My policy in education for all Tambul-Nebilyer children still stands,” Andandi said.
“If I win the Tambul-Nebilyer seat I can have the financial power to ensure all children from every clan and tribe is educated.”

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