Don’t make us pay for your wrongs


I READ with interest the front page story on the O’Neill Government’s plan to reduce wages for the public servants and the calls made by the minister and his secretary warning the public servants to work hard.
Firstly, can the secretary start with his office before advising others. DPM staff are known to leave work during official hours regularly without good reason.
If the plan to reduce wages is to be implemented it has to start with the MPs first.
Reduce your wages before telling us to follow.
The next thing to do is to reduce the wasteful DSIP millions.
Reduce it from K10 million down to K7m; this will save a lot of funds for the national purse.
DSIP and PSIP funds have been the most abused public fund in PNG and it has become the milking cows for those who know themselves that have easy access to the public monies meant for the people.
We, the small people, are already facing a lot of problems with taxes for every service provided. Please, do not increase our income taxes or penalise us for the government’s own created problem.
If they had listened to advice on not borrowing too much and not going on a spending spree in the last five years then the country would not be facing this dilemma now.
If those in power cannot improve this situation in the next few years, PNG is looking at heading the way of some African countries whose land and resources were raped and wealth taken out of their country by foreign companies leaving them broke.

Side view, Waigani, NCD

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