Double celebration for school


STUDENTS at a school in the Gazelle district of East New Britain had a double celebration on Independence Day – the 41st anniversary and the opening of a new classroom.
Regional MP Sir Leo Dion opened the double classroom and school hall at the Vunapalading Primary School last Friday.
Later that day, he opened the nearby privately-run Flexible Open Distance Education Centre in Vunapalading.
Hundreds of people and civil servants from Baining braved the morning heat and afternoon drizzle to witness the events.
Sir Leo encouraged students to strive for the best in their education. He told parents, guardians, citizens and teachers to ensure “our children get the best learning available”.
He said in a country with more than 800 languages and hundreds of tribes, it was important that children must continue to show respect their elders and uphold their culture and tradition.
He encouraged the people to maintain a healthy working partnership with the churches and business community.
Sir Leo pledged K50,000 funding each for the Vunapalading Primary, FODE Centre and Vunapalading Elementary School.

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