DPM approves Christian Health Service’s new organisational structure


THE Department of Personnel Management has approved the Christian Health Services of PNG’s new organisational structure for 2017, says chief executive officer Dr Ulch Tapia.
“As a constitutional organisation, we will strive to carry out the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by providing quality and affordable health cares for all people,” he said.
“Inspired by the Gospel of Christ Jesus, we strive to provide the best healthcare and dignity, respect, compassion and dedication in partnership with the Government and non-government healthcare providers through health promotion, training, clinical care and evidence-based research work.” It is the secretariat of the health ministries of the 23 churches in PNG and five associate groups.
The churches operate 713 validated and funded health facilities in the 22 provinces.
Tapia said it was a boost to the morale of their workers to be paid under the Government Allesco payroll system. There altogether 3684 workers, including church agency health managers or directors, doctors, health extension officers, nurses and health workers.
Tapia thanked consecutive Governments for funding the church health services throughout the country.  “This is rare compared to other countries,” Tapia said.
He said they would improve their services in the future included exploring rural health facilities to be run by CHS, increasing health promotion and prevention activities, creating incentives for doctors and nurses.

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