Eda Ranu eyes big water target for Apec ships


By Malum Nalu
Eda Ranu expects to supply 500,000 litres of water a day to three cruise ships which will be used for accommodation during next year’s Apec summit.
“Because of the shortage of accommodation within city limits, it is estimated that 3000 to 5000 guests coming for Apec will be living in these cruise liners,” said Eda Ranu managing-director Henry Mokono.
He said that since Eda Ranu was the only water authority in Port Moresby, it would be charged with supplying water to all Apec facilities.
“We’re working very closely with the Apec Authority to deliver this significant event in 2018,” Mokono said.
“Eda Ranu’s responsibility under the entire scheme of things will be to ensure that the three ocean liners berthed off Port Moresby during that period, have adequate water supply on a daily basis as well as discharge waste water.
“We’re talking about supplying 500,000 litres of water into ships every day.
“That’s the part that Eda Ranu will play in the whole exercise. We intend to help deliver a successful Apec. We’re all geared up and it’s all systems go as we prepare for this major challenge.
“We’ve had regular meetings with the Apec Authority, government departments and all other major stakeholders to ensure that there’s adequate water for the ships.”

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