Education curriculums same, Novau says


STANDARDS-based education (SBE)  is another form of outcome-based education (OBE) that will produce the same result, PNG Education Advocacy Network board chairman Mesia Novau says.
Novau told The National that his research show SBE and OBE came out from the same philosophy and in the US, it was another name for OBE. “SBE, to me is another form of OBE, it is not changing the whole thing,” he said.
“We are still waiting for the results but I am thinking they are going to end up with the same result because SBE in the US is one of the names of OBE that came out from the same philosophy.”
He said the only change was the three ‘R’ syllabus (reading, writing and arithmetic) that was alternative to SBE and OBE that deals with thinking skills.
“The two syllabus are subject disciplines, the only difference in all this syllabus is the 3R’s that was introduced during the colonial era.” Novau said.
“Everyone thinks that OBE is fine but when looking at the boom boxes around the villages that is the result of it.
“OBE has affected the learning skills in terms of language skills and numeracy skills which are thinking skills that are not there and that is affecting the country.
“Thus, both curriculums were developed from the same philishopy.”

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