Education Department failed to monitor exam paper leaks


THE revelation of a teacher in Eastern Highlands distributing Grade 10 national exams answers (The National, Oct 14) was absolutely reprehensible and revolting.
Wasn’t there a national outburst and outcry over the same fraud not so long ago from which the Education Department and its Measurement Unit office vehemently assured the nation that they would make meticulous investigations to uncover and eliminate the rot?
They also promised the nation that stringent measures would be taken to ensure such revolting and detestable acts would never ever happen again.
Well, it is plain obvious that they had done a very poor job in sniffing out, castigating and ridding the department of the rotten apples and partners in crime within their departments and stake holder partners.
So how can the public trust the Education Department, national measurement unit and examination partners to conduct honest and cheating-free final national examinations this month?
The department hierarchy owes the nation a full explanation on the integrity of the coming examinations results.
The integrity of PNG’s education regime and standing would be doomed if examination cheating is not completely eradicated.
The likely scenario of officially graduating students with fake grades is too real, frightening and threatening to ignore or treat lightly.
It is absolutely shameful that some people are opting to cheat instead of using their God-given brains to acquire knowledge in a honest way through sheer hard work and dedication.
The teacher involved and his accomplices equally share the peoples wrath to be labelled scum of the earth who deserve to be charged and given custodial sentences as a deterrent to any other like-minded fraudsters or rebels.
The shameful conspiracy and sheer determination for jobs and economic supremacy by hook or by crook are clearly evident.


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