Eighty-nine districts yet to account for funds


Eighty-nine districts are yet to acquit their district services improvement funds, acting secretary for the Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) Aihi Vaki says.
Commending the Nipa- Kutubu district for being the first to present its five-year development plan, Vaki pointed out that it was good to have plans and a budget to implement the programmes.
“Acquittal of these public funds has always been a challenge and we are urging all the district administrations that have not acquitted to do so immediately,” he said.
“We are reminding the 89 districts that these are public funds and we are yet to receive the acquittals.
“Those that have tried their best to put the reports together, we commend their efforts, but most of them have not made an attempt.
“Districts must have the capacity to have these reports done.”
Vaki said responsible leaders had instructed their administration to put their reports together because they felt that they were responsible.
Meanwhile, Vaki called on all the 110 MPs to submit their five-year plans for the new term of parliament.
He said these plans were related to DSIPs and PSIPs and it was the right time for them to submit the plans.
“Except for Nipa-Kutubu, we have not received any development plans from the provinces and the districts yet,” Vaki said..
“Nipa-Kutubu has done well, this is the right time and I am urging all the MPs to start presenting their plans so we can see what they want to implement.
“There is no set deadline but it is a requirement and they must submit plans so we know their plans.
“Those who are yet to submit, I urge you all to do so by January and February because it’s related to our services improvement programs.
“It will help the department to use as our tools to go out and monitor what the districts are doing,” Vaki said.
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