El nino to bring more rain, flooding to Western, says weather office


THE National Weather Service predicts more rainfall for Western Province during the coming wet season and urged people to prepare in advance to avoid possible damages by floods.
Assistant Director Jimmy Gomoga, speaking in an interview with The National in Port Moresby last week, warned the people of Western that starting in Novermber, the province should expect heavier rainfalls and flooding in rivers and creeks.
Gomoga said as a responsible authority it was necessary for the NWS to warn the people of Western again so that they were aware of what to expect.
He pointed out that the heavy rainfall during the coming wet season would be expected in most parts of the country but he emphasised that Western and Milne Bay would be worst affected because of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) conditions.
ENSO is a naturally occurring phenomenon that involves fluctuating ocean temperatures in the equatorial Pacific.
“During neutral ENSO conditions, Western Province receives more than 50 per cent of normal rainfall whilst Milne Bay receives 30 to 50 per cent more rainfall.”
“Also geographically, Western is a low lying area with flood plains and flooding is expected with the heavy rainfall predicted and stakeholders of the province should take note and take prior actions to avoid unnecessary inconvenience,” he said.
Gamoga also said that other provinces and regions should also prepare for the wet season which might affect those living along low-lying areas where flood risks had been identified, such as the Whagi valley and Bumbu area in Morobe.

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