Employees urged to serve with honesty

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THE Public Curator’s Office has been urged to serve the country with integrity and honesty.
Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika told 60 officers who ended a week-long training last week in Port Moresby that the Public Curators Office was an important Government agency because it dealt with a lot of public funds.
“You are a trustee. The office you serve is an important office, so do not consider your status as public servant any lower than other public servant,” Sir Gibbs said.
“It is important because you are dealing with a lot of public funds and the public trust. You are the custodians of funds of the people’s funds who have passed on.
“This office is important because it must deliver services to the people that it serves.”
He said there had been allegations of misuse of public funds by the office over the years.
“A lot of allegations have gone through this office for misappropriation of public funds and this is where I must make a strong emphasis that your job, when you swear an oath that ‘I promise to serve the people in the office of the public curator and that I will truly serve the people of Papua New Guinea with integrity, honest and everything else’, you want to serve them with total integrity and honesty,” Sir Gibbs said.
“A widow or a deceased son or his daughter is entitled to get what has been left for them.  It is your responsibility to make sure they get the full benefits of what their husband left, what their father left, what their uncle left or what their mother left for them.
“They must get their full benefits of what they are entitled to and with that you need to work with total honesty in the office.”
Sir Gibbs added that the officers must serve with “true commitment, dedication, integrity and honesty”.

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