EMTV to show live coverage of b’ball tournament


AS media partners of the 2017 inaugural FIBA Melanesian Cup, EMTV is set to provide live coverage of the basketball tournament from Sept 27-30, says chief executive officer Mathew Park.
Park said EMTV would provide live coverage not only in Papua New Guinea but also in Solomon Islands, Fiji and New Caledonia through their partners in those countries.
He said one of their purposes to come on board as media partners was to help grow basketball in the country.
“So we are going to do something similar to what we did in the 2015 Pacific Games with cameras at all angles of the court to do live broadcasts.
“We are not only broadcasting in PNG but we are broadcasting with our partners in the Solomon Islands and Fiji and there are also discussions with New Caledonia and some parts of Asia as well.
“So it’s not going to be a PNG event only but it’s going to be an international event.”
Park said EMTV has been the largest television broadcaster through PNG for over 30 years and with that in mind, they have taken up the challenge to reach their massive audience.
“We actually sat down with FIBA and BFPNG and shared our interest in becoming the major media partner.
“The partnership just worked so easily from the beginning and throughout this last couple of months we’ve been working very closely together to ensure that we have the best coverage.
Park also mentioned that they would be having online live streaming as well for those that do not have the opportunity to watch live TV.
“It’s a massive challenge for us to make sure our online platform will be available.
“We have been testing it for a couple of other events like the OFC events and have been successful so we will definitely be looking at the possibility
of having online streaming,” Park said.

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