Enga four surrender


FOUR men allegedly involved in the burning of a home which killed five people in Enga early last Friday have surrendered to police.
Provincial police commander acting Superintendent George Kakas said the men were in police custody while officers continued their investigation into the incident. A mother, her two sons and teenaged daughter, and a visitor who was spending the night with the family, perished in their home at Takoas village in Kompiam Ambum.
The father, Katenge Nen, managed to escape but he received burns on his back.
Kakas said they believed the men who set the home alight had locked the door from the outside, poured fuel around the house and set it alight.
The suspects are believed to be from the same Kiliyap tribe as the family.
Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas conveyed his condolences to the family yesterday.
“Let police investigate. I call on families not to take law into their own hands. I condemn such killing. It’s new in Enga,” Sir Peter said.
Kakas said it was something new in Enga because people avoided killing those asleep or eating.

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