Fights worsen in Hela


Tribal fighting in Hela has escalated with two deaths confirmed so far.
Provincial police commander Michael Welly said that there were three different
tribal fights in the province happening at the same time.
“There’s a fight in Pureni in the Koroba-Kopiago electorate and two tribal fights at Magarima – in Lomia and Hirilai,” he said.
“We have received reports of two deaths
so far and many others have been seriously wounded.
“These are tribal fights from the past being revived again and we are doing our best to contain the situation.
“Our MS 9 boys are in Enga for the state of emergency operation there so the local police are being assisted by a platoon of soldiers from the defence force to contain the situation.”
Welly said that soldiers were in the
province to continue with the guns amnesty call-out in Hela.
“The call-out for a  nationwide guns amnesty or surrendering of firearms was started in Hela and was supposed to move on to Southern Highlands after Hela and down to Enga and Mt Hagen but with the national elections, the call-out was put on hold,” he said.
“Now that the election is over, guns amnesty call -out is on again for people to voluntarily surrender illegal firearms.”

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