Finance staff among university graduates


The Department of Finance says 26 of its officers received their bachelor degrees during the University of Papua New Guinea graduation last week.
There were 22 who received the Bachelor of Public Finance and Accounting, a course introduced two years ago as a joint initiative between the department and the University of Papua New Guinea.
The other four received their Bachelor in Business Accounting.
Eight officers graduated last year.
The course is designed to train accountants and finance officers in the public sector as opposed to general and private sector accounting and finance.
Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan congratulated the officers for their achievements.
He said reforms implemented by the department required new ways of doing things, new way of thinking, new patterns, use of technology, and use of intellectual capacity.
“We realise that we cannot continue to rely on others coming in to do it for us,” Ngangan said.
“We have to do it ourselves. And the way to do it is to retrain and reskill ourselves.
“We look forward to those who have completed their academic training to continue to work with us.
“The challenge is on you to move up the ladder. We look forward to your contributions in the department.”
A group of 30 officers will enrol next year.
Finance officers within the public sector agencies who hold a diploma in accounting and have five years of work experience are eligible to enrol in this programme.

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