Fix the road between Bulolo and Wau town


I WISH to bring to the attention of the relevant authorities about the shocking condition of the road section between Bulolo and Wau townships.
Currently there is an impasse at Mrs Booth due to illegal mining activities up stream at Yangalimu which is forcing landslip and debris down to the road.
Motorists and the general public are now using the Pine Top road as a bypass which was constructed by PNG Forest Ltd for its logging operations.
This has already caused extra financial burden on business houses and general public due to the rigorous nature of this bypass and the constant danger it poses to the users on a daily basis.
If the two townships also contribute to the provincial and national coffers, I am baffled to understand the rationale behind the failure of relevant state agencies to deal with issue once and for all.
This is a stark reminder and a wakeup call to the government and the relevant authorities.


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