Gambling a dangerous habit for the soul, people must stop


I BEG the people who indulge
in the destructive gambling industry to take heed of this piece of advice.
The racehorse punters and poker machine addicts must know that the more money and time you spend in the gambling places the more your good conscience is contaminated.
Gambling does no good to you but leads you to live a deceitful and problematic life.
If what a bunch of my immediate relatives who are gamblers are going through is true with the rest of the gamblers in PNG, then I can resolutely conclude that gambling is disastrous.
It is obvious that gambling, especially poker and horse race contributes to corruption, family violence, poverty, procrastination, children staying out of school due to nonpayment of fees, conning, robbery, break down in public service machinery and the list goes on.
Hence, without any shadow of doubt, I can point out that horse race and poker machine industries are just two of the many enzymes that are catalysing to wear and
tear the socio-economic and politico-cultural fabric of our society.
However, as a smoker is addicted to smoking, a gambler is addicted to gambling but I assure you the only way to set oneself free from the despotic bondage is through Jesus Christ.
It is my heartfelt appeal to a gambler who is going through a divorce case due to your indulgence in gambling to receive Jesus as He is the only way out of this predicament.
I call upon a punter whose job is in a precarious state as a result of her affection to horse racing must turn to Jesus as he alone can change her completely to appreciate her job and be a good home maker.
I implore a businessman who has his bank account in the red and pondering to sell his million kina property to fund himself to keep playing poker, to receive Jesus as He will turn you into a channel of blessing to others.
I also beseech a student who squanders all money his parents give him in card playing places and always goes hungry, to
allow Jesus to be captain of his life to be filled to the brim with wisdom.
Furthermore, I argue a Member of Parliament who spends most of his time in poker places thus his presence not felt in his electorate, to make room for Jesus to move in and through him to deliver tangible services to his voters.

Komson Nick, Via email

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