Give Basil a chance


I am writing in response to Amnama (The National Oct 2) who said Basil’s U-turn was childish. The writer is a bit short-sighted and doesn’t know what he is a talking about.
Amnama should put himself in Basil’s position as the elected leader and spend 10 to 15 years in the Opposition where he will fail to get the government support to help his people.
You will not be re-elected for sure.
Basil, I think, made the right decision to cross over. We need Lae and Morobe to change. We don’t want to be in the Opposition for next five years.
Brother, I come from the remotest part of Morobe and I haven’t seen development there for almost 20 years.
We are still carrying coffee bags and vegetables on our back to the nearest road which is 10 to 12 hours’ walk away.
It’s too early to make a judgement. Wait and see if things change in these next five years, and if you are still not happy after that, use your vote.

Sulu Yaine
Via email

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