Give Okapa a chance


THE letter ‘Okapa needs qualified leaders’ (The National August 3) by Mangi Meoto Rokz is misguided propaganda and does not have credibility.
While everyone has the right to freedom of expression and speech, which are enshrined in our constitution, it is distasteful for one to foretell a misfortune when Okapa has a fresh and new MP at the helm.
We hope the pseudonym Mangi Meoto Rokz is not one of those candidates who did not make it to top 10.
On the issues affecting the district for the past 41 years, it is undeniable that the people have missed out big time on basic government services due to incompetency, and lackluster and poor leadership which have been made worse by corruption.
The people of Okapa have prevailed through thick thin, have adapted and survived through adverse hardships and struggle.
With regards to the writer’s wishlist to have leaders of the calibre of economists, accountants, political scientists and then belittling a teacher and others is puzzling.
A new era has dawned for Okapa, so people need to accept the results, stop the bickering and judge after five years.
He will not change Okapa overnight but we are confident that he will provide good leadership.
We hope Mangi Meoto Rokz is not counting his eggs before they hatch.

Neesu Anumo
Okapa EHP

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