God’s two covenants


THIS in reply to Jerry Mase’s letter (The National July 17, 2017) advising believers not to defend church doctrines and keep the old commandment by worshipping on the Sabbath.
There were two covenants that God made with his people.
The first was with Moses through the Ten Commandment received on Mt Sinai. The laws were written on a stone tablet (Exodus 20: 1 -17).
However, those laws were not fully observed by the Israelites and they were broken, so God declared to Jeremiah to make a new covenant.
That new covenant is about Jesus Christ. God said, the new law will not be like the old law written on the stone tablet but the new law will be written in the minds and in the hearts of the people so that no longer will a man teach his neighbour.
Therefore, the law is the knowledge of wrong and right (sin), but salvation is found in the new covenant.

Spirit fill believer

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