Good data base needed for planning

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THE country needs a good data base and record of statistics to report the outcomes of service delivery, says Department of National Planning and Monitoring secretary Hakaua Harry.
Harry told The National that S lack of reliable data and statistics was one of the biggest challenges hindering the delivery of Services.
“We need to have data to report on outcomes. That’s an issue right now. We need to have data and statistics to be able to make good decisions and polices,” she said.
“We also look at the capacity constraints that a lot of our departments are faced with.
“It’s an ongoing thing but we are trying our best to manage that, see how each agency is capacitated well enough to deliver responsibility and to have data that reports and supports decision-making.”
She said the Government’s overall agenda was the public sector reform which brought on board the structural adjustments and agencies’ roles and responsibilities – how they can work together.
“Some agencies we might need to merge them, look at options of how to create an effective public service.”
UN resident coordinator Roy Trivedy said the whole idea was to make sure all of the country’s visionary statements and the strategies applied to the global goal.
“We look at health, environment, water and sanitation – how we link these things up to the bigger goals agreed by global leaders,” Trivedy said.

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