Goroka gets new lease of life with airport, hospital


Goroka will get a new lease of life with the completion of the Goroka hospital and airport, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says.
He said it was unfortunate that Goroka MP Bire Kimisopa was not working with Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso in the development of the town’s market, which was described by many as a “pig sty”, due to pigs wandering freely and no development.
O’Neill, who has a long association with Goroka said: “The PNC-led Government has made enormous investments in the provinces and districts right throughout the country, and Goroka and Eastern Highlands are no exception.
“Goroka is a town that is changing because of the infrastructure that is being built.
“I started this journey in 2010 when I, as treasurer, signed for the Goroka University, all the new high-rise buildings and dormitories that were funded through the Exim Bank of China.
“We have started the construction of the new airport terminal and the new runway for the airport, which will take in much bigger aircraft and serve our communities. Eastern Highlands has close to 700,000 people and these services are very vital for the continuous well-being of the province and our people.
“Goroka is the face of Eastern Highlands,” O’Neill said.

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