Government will change, says Basil


PANGU Pati leader and Bulolo MP Sam Basil says the government formed on Wednesday will not last long as the strong opposition side will change it before long.
At a media conference following Wednesday’s Parliament session, Basil said the Prime Minister will not last.
“We will manage to change him with the strong opposition we have now,” he said.
“We the team in the opposition are fit and strong enough to make sure that we stand to hit this brick wall until Peter O’Neill will crumble in the next 12 months,” Basil said.
He said one of the things the team in opposition were aiming to do was change the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates to make sure candidates did not change political parties.
“When a candidate from a political party or an independent candidate wins, then they are hijacked by certain political parties to make the numbers to form government.
“We will make sure we put a stop to that.
“As we have seen in the formation of government in this election, the citizens of this country did not like O’Neill but the MPs voted for him to become the PM. Why?”
Basil said it was because there is no law to punish candidates from other political parties hopping to other political parties to serve their own interests.

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