Governor defends 8-Mile home development


THE National Capital District Commission  complied with the National Airport Corporation (NAC) requirements and plan for the approval of the home ownership development at 8-Mile, Governor Powes Parkop says.
In response to reports of developments within the aerodrome areas, posing safety risks, Parkop said the  National Capital District Commission had consulted with NAC and ensured requirements were met.
“The decision we made and the approval that was given on the development plan is consistent with that presentation that was given to us by NAC. So we have followed the law, we have incorporated the plans of NAC,” he said.
“We are not responsible for issuing titles for individuals or entities and so on. The title was awarded to the developer, which is nothing of our doing.
“On our part as the city physical planning board of which I am the chairman since 2014, when we received the application from developer, we consulted Airports Corporation and Civil Aviation.
“ We referred the matter to NAC to give us their opinion so did a power-point presentation to show which areas were the flight paths and which were not within the flight paths.”

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