Governor urges businesses to consult first


All businesshouses in Central must consult the provincial government before conducting any business there, says Governor Robert Agarobe.
He said this when addressing an induction for Central provincial assembly members in Port Moresby yesterday.
Present were Open MPs and local level government presidents.
Agarobe said it was time to monitor businesshouses and other organisations that went into Central and did as they pleased.
“We’ve been kicked around for 40 years,” he said.
“It is time we started developing a lot of things on our own.”
Agarobe gave as an example donor organisations building a classroom in a village.
The donor’s obligation stopped when the classroom was completed and the provincial government was expected to sustain it.
“It causes Central to fall short in terms of budgets,” Agarobe said.
“In most cases it makes us look bad because we can’t support those schools.
“They even build schools but don’t build it to a minimum requirement.
“If those schools are to take in a lot of students, they need the right number of classrooms and required number of staff.
“We need to start getting all these organisations to align with our development plans, so that we would work together to address these issues.”

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