Govt execs meet to strengthen connectivity

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MORE than 30 government department heads turned up in Lae on Friday for their annual meeting.
The meeting was opened by Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari, followed by presentation of some heads on their performances and challenges they face in their respective departments.
Papua New Guinea Defence Force commander Col Gilbert Toropo and Igam Area Commander Col Carl Warkonei addressed the participants.
Lupari said the purpose of meeting was to get the department heads together and strengthen their network so they could learn from each other.
“One of the purposes of this meeting is connectivity and bonding,” he said.
“We want to bring this meeting to other parts of PNG as well.
“One of the things I have realised is that our department heads were not talking to each other but were writing letters and emails.
“That is not good for the delivery of services to our people.
“We have to connect and bond together and accept and appreciate each other.
“By coming here, I want my colleagues to see things so that when they are in their offices and making decisions, they know they must know the decisions will affect others.” Lupari said as much as possible, he wanted to see department heads visit project sites and other places.
Lupari said department heads that did not attend such meetings and later requested assistance from his office would not get any.

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