Govt to give K22m for roads


THE Government, through Minister for Works Francis Awesa, has affirmed K22 million for three road projects in Finschhafen district, Morobe.
The three road projects are Nandua-Het Mape road (K11 million), Dregarhafen-DCA road sealing (K8 million) and Heldsbach-Masaweng upgrading (K3 million).
Awesa told a gathering at Nanduo that the Government had endorsed the road construction funding purposely to open up socio-economic corridors for locals to participate meaningfully in accessing services.
He also said that the Government was committed in conducting feasibility studies for the Lae-Finschhafen-Sialum-Wasu-Saidor (in Madang) coastal highway.
Awesa first announced studies for this road link when opening the Mongi Bridge in interior Pindiu in 2013.
He said that two road sections in Lae, Milfordhaven Road from Snack Bar to Main Wharf and East Taraka bus stop to Bumayong, would be constructed next year.
Awesa also pledged to offer some heavy equipment to support Finschhafen District Development Authority (FDDA) company Hata-Bem Civil Construction for the projects.
Parliament Speaker and Finschafen MP Theodore Zurenuoc acknowledged the Government for the project funds approved at a time when the country was experiencing tough economic conditions.
“It is very critical in this tough economic situation as we are mindful that the project will be completed as anticipated, hence people need to have faith in God and unite to work together to achieve our goals,” he said.

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