Graduates urged to practise Christian principles


POINEER grade 12 students of the Waigani Christian College (WCC) in Port Moresby have been urged to display the good values and the Christian principles they have learni in the school.
WCC founder and director Benjamin Mul told more than 200 pupils during their graduation dinner last Saturday in Port Moresby that they were a special group.
“You group of students are very special because you were left out of the formal education system,” he said.
“You were seen as grade 8 and 10 dropouts from the formal education system but I feel convicted deep in my heart that you people are not failures.
“I decided to give a second chance to young people like you because I was once an abandoned child and a failure who dropped out of grade 6 and made my own way up to where I am today
“As a Papua New Guinean, I have spent my own time and effort and resources to provide education for our children and over the last 24 years but I have never graduated a grade 12.
“These 200 students are the first and I am very proud because they can now continue further studies and contribute to their family, their community and the country.
“All I want from you students is to be ambassadors of Waigani Christian College and display the good values and the Christian principles that you have learnt when you graduated.”
Mul commended school principal Abakure Kaupa and teachers and the ancillary staff for their work.
Director for the University of Goroka Southern Regional Open campus Mark Gundu commended Mul and highlighted that it took a real man with real courage and passion to spend his own time, effort and resources to help the government in providing important services like education.

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