Guards confiscate grenade from armed gang

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A military-issued hand grenade was among tools a security firm confiscated from an armed gang in Goroka.
Night Owl Security managing director Winchlee Oibotee and general manager Hicksey Winchlee gave the hand grenade and the tools the group used to hold up and break into shops to police commander Supt Alex N’Drasal.
Oibotee said his guards managed to confiscate the hand grenade, an empty bag, two pinch bars, two tin snips and screw drivers as they fired shots to chase off members of the armed group at Bintangor Wholesale at West Goroka at around 3.30am last Friday.
“The thugs cut the roof and gained access into the wholesale. The guards heard noises and alerted the armed unit on routine patrol. The unit responded and fired shots that chased the thugs away, leaving the hand grenade and tools behind,” Oibotee said.
He requested Supt N’Drasal to allocate them a police unit to support guards to raid the camps of the armed robbery group at two known locations within the precincts of Goroka town.
Oibotee said his guards earlier caught a group and disarmed them. He supported the gang to reform but they resurfaced.
He said the group robbed Air Niugini last week and attempted to rob Papindo Trading and the Puma Energy Service Station but his guards were on full alert and prevented that from happening.
Supt N’Drasal commended Oibotee and the guards for their exceptional effort to crack down on one of the major robbery attempts on Bintangor Trading.
He assured Oibotee that he would assign a police unit to assist his guards to flush out the camps of the two groups.
He further invited all security firms in Goroka and Kainantu towns to work with police to maintain peace and unity.
“Police will work together with security firms to curb crimes and illegal activities in the towns. I will invite operators of security firms in Eastern Highlands to work with police.
“The firm is showing a good example, others will follow suit,” Supt N’Drasal said.

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