Gulf police urges villages to heed strong wind warnings


GULF police have urged villages living along the coast to heed strong wind warnings when travelling out to sea.
Provincial police commander Senior Inspector Silas Wayagure’s caution comes after two boats capsized in Orokolo and Baimuru yesterday when travelling back from Kerema town.
Wayagure said it was during the day when the incidents happened and the passengers were rescued by the nearby communities but all their cargo was lost in the sea.
He advised villages to take precautions and not to risk their lives to go out in rough seas.
“I would like to advise the people living along the coast of Gulf, especially, the people from Orokolo and Baimuru and Kikori to take precautions when they are out on the sea.
“We are experiencing strong winds, and if they see that the sea is rough don’t go out, though they have been using the sea for quite some time, anything can happen to them,” Wayagure said.

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