Gwambelek yet to receive drought report


BULOLO district administrator Tae Gwambelek is yet to receive drought assessment reports for Upper and Lower Waria and Biaru wards in Garaina, Morobe, from the district education inspector.
Gwambelek said the severity of the situation in Kataipa prompted him to divert education programme funds to engage two teams to investigate what was happening.
“We use education funds because primary and elementary schools in Geni and Kataipa, Ohe at Garasa were severely affected and most likely Sim, Kasangare and Biaru too because they are in the same range and valley,” Gwambelek said.
Gwambelek said the education inspector looked after schools in Wau, Wau Rural and Waria and was to have investigated and filed a report but failed to do so.

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