The hardship truck drivers encounter


DRIVING a semi-trailer along the length of the Highlands Highway is one of the most-gruelling experiences you can have anywhere on the planet.
Truck drivers who journey along this highway possess extraordinary abilities with endurance.
It is truly incredible how drivers persevere without succumbing to misfortunes that seemingly multiply and reinvent themselves into a dozen ugly faces on this God-forsaken highway.
One of the hardships that you will experience on the highway is that there are no proper toilets along the entire stretch.
Passengers run off into the roadside shrubbery to answer the call of nature.
Toilets must be provided along the highway for the travelling public.
I appeal to the seven Highlands provincial governments to build toilets along sections of the highway running through their respective provinces.
Many-a-time I catch a glimpse of a travel-weary driver as he sits inside the cabin of his 22-wheeler, hands firmly gripping the steering wheel, eyes fixed nonchalantly on the many frustrating obstacles ahead.
PNG’s roads, with the exception of Port Moresby, are known for potholes.
The Highlands Highway is the pothole capital of the world.
The trucks that ply this highway move like work-weary ants by day and crawl along like wounded mongrels by night.
And on and on goes the story of the perils and perseverance of travel-weary drivers who keep the pulse of the highway beating along one of the most unforgiving roadways in the world.

Paul Waugla Wii

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