Hearo envisions Gulf sports professionals


THE Ihu district of Gulf recently hosted a volleyball competition at Vailala Hiloi village.
Six teams in the men’s A and B grades and women’s A grade took to the courts in the finals.
Local businessman Alex Hearo sponsored the volleyball competition.
Hearo said he had a vision to see young people in Gulf exposing their potential starting at the village level as they worked towards becoming professional sportsmen and women in the country.
He said places like Gulf and other centres in the country had many untapped potential sporting talent.
“We are here to support and sponsor these prospective talents, exposing them to competition at the village, district and provincial level to help them become professional sportsmen and women,” Hearo said.
Besides volleyball, the proud local has also been a staunch supporter of darts, snooker, basketball, soccer and rugby league in Gulf.
Hearo thanked village leaders for supporting young people in the sports.
“These activities not only improves their physical health and lifestyle but also has the ability to make them become better citizens in the community,” he said.

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