Hope seen in Northern MPs


I congratulate the three Northern MPs, especially Governor Garry Juffa.
I call upon Juffa, Ijivitari open MP Richard Masere and Sohe open MP Henry Amuli to stand up against corruption.
Work together and make a change for the people.
Oro has fertile land all around and has more resources like oil palm, timber, oil, gold, fish and land for coffee, cocoa and copra.
We have the land but we have not had the political support to make use of it.
To our three MPs, the Oro people feasted you with huge bowls of cooked vegetables and pork. Now you must return our bowls with food and pork before the end of 2022. If you work in isolation, you will never return our bowls of food offered.

The Good Observer
Bandurubae Blasius Siunabae

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